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    Cannabis Patient Net is a collage; an electronic quilt of humanity; of pain, and  unspeakable anguish.  Of heroism beyond the scope of Hollywood drama.  Of fate’s absolution and the price of civil freedom.   

    This Blog is dedicated to those who are activist by necessity.  The segment of society who suffer most from cannabis prohibition and would benefit primarily from its demise.

    These are the chronically and terminally ill.   . 

    Those that I have recorded from across this nation are real people, with real diseases.  When the camera is turned off and packed away and we had made our farewells and gone home, those whose images were recorded for your benefit are still sick, and still helplessly afraid. 


    We represent not only those who have found relief from our many varied illnesses through cannabis, but also the millions of chronically ill still languishing in the stupefying clutches of pharmaceutical companies, still bound by the oppressive talents of profiteering lobbyists, still buffered by a wall of ignorance designed by those who would profit by another’s suffering.


    We in our many varied parts represent the reality of this struggle.  We stand in the gap for ourselves and those without a voice. 
    That which God has given to relieve the suffering of the multitude must be made available to his people.  For many of us, there simply is nothing else. 


Mark D. Pedersen








  1. I have an almost the same story as Ann, But I live on SSI and in low income housing and if I took the chance on self medication I could lose my Apt. I almost died from the cocktail of meds my doctor was giving me. So now I can’t even get those meds. So my choice is suffer and have a home or be in pain on the street. I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t I pray to god for help. But it never comes.

  2. May God bless the work of this group. It is so hard to get people to open up in this vital way, so I am very grateful to all who have helped make this possible.
    There is NO REASON to keep the Cannabis sativa plant illegal. It is nontoxic and beneficial, it does not cause insanity, so no one should be bothered AT ALL for using this plant. There were no tests done to prove its danger/addictiveness before it was banned – it was banned due to ignorance, hate and greed.
    Keep going with the truth, and watch the support for this prohibition crumble!

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