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Mark Pedersen
St. Louis, Missouri


  1. I was born with neurofibromatosis ( NF ). At 12 I had my 1st spinal fusion, to stop a rapidly twisting curve that only people with (NF), can get.It was a frontal operation. I had screws, staples and wire inserted into 6 of my vertebra’s, to stop the curving.20 years later, my spine was degenerating, and collapsing. I had my 2ND fusion. My remaining thoracic spine was fused, and Harrington rods where inserted ( 12 vertebra)Sense that horrible day in August 1995.”IN WHICH I WOKE UP DURING THE OPERATION”.I have been in non-stop pain. not a moment goes by without knowledge of my spine.Now my neck is curving, and there is nothing that can be done.I also had part of a brain tumor removed in Dec, 06.I have been on a non-stop cycle of deadly narcotics for over ten years now.At one point i was on is much is 240mg of oxycontin a day. Im now going off methadone with the help of medical cannabis. The 1st time i was able to get enough cannabis to make the butter.Which i spread on 7-grain toast with a bit of honey.I was not prepared for the shock of waking up the next morning to no pain.My muscles where so relaxed.and Ive been on valuim for years.That instead of jumping for joy I cried. Something I seldom do.For i had forgotten what it’s like, not to have pain.Unfortionly I cannot always get enough cannabis to make the butter. But inhaling it, still works better and is far safer then any of the narcotics if been on.It is crazy that a safe non-toxic multi-purpose, medication like the cannabis plant, remains illegal. And is i fight for it’s legalization here in ILL. I cannot believe the stance some of are Senators have taken, on medical cannabis. One Senator showed me, she had not even bothered to read the Bill. For she e-mailed me, saying she’s against it, because I’d be allowed 12 plants. When in fact. The Bill say’s It’s 1/2 that.Another sided with discrimination,Would he dare take the side of landlords if this was any other subject then medical cannabis.How about a person on methadone nodding out with supper on the stove, or cigarette in hand, then burning the house down. I could go on and on, with different examples.But it comes down to this, nothing works better then medical cannabis for me. And it is my constitutional right to use the safest medication there is. The cannabis plant. Thank you Lucie macfarlane

  2. Thank you for all you have done here Mark – it’s AMAZING work! One day, we will be FREE!!!

    • Melanie,

      Thank you for your kind words. Indeed, a day will come in the not too distant future when we will be free to dose with God’s medicine, without the fear of arrest and imprisonment.
      Until that day or my last breath, this will be my life. Never give up. Free the medicine, ease the suffering.

      Cannabis Patient Network

    • Michael Knapp, DO
    • Posted September 20, 2009 at 2:36 pm
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    Could I please have someone send me a list of medical articles or links to scientific papers of marijuana and its effects in disease states.

    • Hi, my name is Moe, Try GGECO University, it is one of only two universities that focus on medical cannabis degrees. I own multiple companies that having a specific niche in the medical cannabis industry.
      I am beginning to put together various research studies and case series to begin to provide possible recommendations for :
      Indication of Disease State
      Route of administration
      Dosage form
      Dosing & frequency guide
      Possibilty of phyto properties in preventing, delaying, reducing certain cancers
      Beneficial effects in diabetes , for patients with a strong family history of developing diabetes. Reducing the severity of manifestations of diabetes , diabetes neuropathy, vision or optical issues, inflammatory response & immune system enhanced or improved response to wound healing & acute traumas.
      If anyone is interested in helping out with the study, anaymously patients that would be willing to help provide their specific case information.
      Medical professionals that would like more information or anyone

      • Moe, Thank you for your post. I would strongly recommend that you seek out Patients Out of Time (, with whom I am a member of their Advisory Board. They may be able to help you with your request. Hosting the foremost researchers in the world, their website and DVD’s provide invaluable resources. Likewise, my patient interviews – over a hundred are currently available on my youtube channel ( and soon, the new Cannabis Patient Network website (that will be located at once finished).

        Good luck in your quest. Please feel free to contact me at the email address listed with this “reply”.

        mark – cpn

        • Jeremy Puent
        • Posted October 24, 2010 at 11:31 am
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        I am a 30 year old that was diagnosed with bi-polar. I have used both prescribed legal medicines and marijauana so I know first hand what has been helpful to me. At first I was extremely manic and I needed to get help fast or I was definetly going to kill myself or someone else. Pharms were my only choice at that point. After two years of prescribed drugs,which included:Lorenzapan,zyprexa,depekote,lexapro,and ambien, I had developed diabetes, and had lost touch with the world which at the time meant fiance’ and my son. I lost my family and basically wanted to die. I turned to cannabis because living on pharms I could not work,play with my son,or participate in life in any way. Recently someone contacted police and I am no longer able to grow. I feel like my only option is to leave my home. I now have a wife and three children total.I am not a drug dealer or any kind of criminal for that matter. I am a loving, supportive father and husband. Any help I can give to any doctor intrested in my story to futher the use of cannabis compationatly for people like me would be a blessing on me and my community.

      • I can totally empathize with you, Jeremy. The best thing we can do is to keep telling our stories. Yours is particularly important. Cannabis represents a way out for most people that have slid down the terrible pharma slide to oblivion. Many don’t make it back. Cannabis represents an essential means for patients to tolerably titrate their toxic pharmaceuticals, using less means a happier, healthier existence.

  3. Mark and the Journey for Justice stopped at our house a couple years ago….and we still talk about them.
    I can’t say enough about the work he does….
    Much respect!!
    Ja loves!

    • Thanks, Bo, for the kind words. Those were enjoyable times out on your ranch. I hope someday to return and we can get caught up, again. If you should get on Facebook, look me up. Many pictures there…some videos…all that is happening in my world…trips to Joplin, Omaha, Des Moines….Take care, my friend. mark-cpn

  4. Im interested in becoming a medical cannabis patient but I dont know how to go about it. So I was wondering if you could help…..Thanks

    • David. Where do you live? There are currently 14 states with some form of medical cannabis legislation on the books. For the rest of us, we are still criminals because of our choice of a natural, holistic alternative or adjunct to dangerous pharmaceuticals. The chronically and terminally ill of our nation are true patriots, albeit by necessity. For many of us, our is a life and death battle with an overwhelming foe; the Federal Government.

      Drop me an email and I will try to connect you with activist near you.

      Check out more of my interviews on my youtube channel, , and my Sensible Missouri site, .


      Mark Pedersen
      Cannabis Patient Network

  5. I’m from St.Louis, MO. Which email should I use. my email is

  6. I wanted you to know that I am very willing to be interviewed. I am 44 years old, and have been mis-diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and even annorexia when weighing only 73 pounds in 2006. Then found true diagnosis of my problems, a rare cancer. Systemic Mastocytosis Today, thanks to THC therapy, I weigh a fairly healthy looking 98 pounds, and still live past my two years I was given then in 2006. This is so upsetting to live in fear and be forced to take in toxic, man made chemicals my sick body cannot handle. The bible says we were given every thing needed to survive on this earth. Natural herbal remedies, period! Suzanne Jones
    St.Louis, Missouri

  7. Is there possible to get a manuscript of what heather with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome say? I am interessted in the subject with EDS and cannabis, but there is NO WAY to hear what she say, or maybe you could clean up the tape. Please contact me-

    – Fenrir

  8. I’m a 52 year old a100% disabled Navy Vet and a life time member of DAV. I have Degenerative Disc Disease and Depression from my time in the service so I live in endless pain. I was treated for this pain from 94 till 2007 with Morphine 62mg and 1650 mg of Oxcodeine which made me feel sick and tired. I found much better relief in smoking cannabis to the point I stopped taking all pain medication in 2007. I was feeling better getting back on my feet from a long history of pain relate sickness. High blood pressure, 3 heart attack with steins hold my heart together, a plastic arterial bypass in my right leg plus, some surgical net to holding my belly together. In other words I’m a mess as well as husband dad & son.
    So I grew a small garden of Cannabis to treat my pain without the side effects. It was very much like pushing a peanut up a mountain with my nose it took a very long time before I ever got just close to covering my smoke need as my back problem got worse. With my many handicaps to have to work around it was part work part labor of relief. It was also what filled my day and keep my mind fresh. Because their was a limit to how long I could go without doing anything before my mind broke like a child’s toy. After a while gardening my Medicine was what I got up for in the morning having had a job since I was 16 it filled the void in my life of what to do with myself all day long. I was able to get up and around walking to lose 10 pounds so that I will not need to take the diabetics control drugs

  9. Sept 9 2010 the cops showed up at my home and busted me for growing. Now I’m looking at 5-15 years in jail. My court date is Nov 19 please pray for my family and me.
    Thank you Ken

  10. I am a cannabis edicator in Fort Collins, CO. We are dealing with a loss of public support for medical cannabis in our community due to negative media portrayals of “stoners” with not a real patient to be found. Additionally, some voices in the community are pushing for an election to outlaw dispensaries in order to “save the children.”

    I want to change this by mounting a public image campaign to demonstrate the need and the amazing medical uses of this drug, but I need help.

    I would appriciate any advice you can give me on presenting our story to the media – through ads, letters-to-the-editor, websites, social media, etc. I’d especially like to know how to connect with patients in northern Colorado who are willing to have their stories told.

    Terri Lynn
    HealthWise Colorado
    Fort Collins, CO

    • I am often hit with the question, “What about our children?”

      My answer is, “What ABOUT our children?? What is it that you are concerned most about?” You see, the original question was never meant to be analyzed. It was only meant to frighten.
      I see the question as an exceptional opportunity to discuss the far more damaging pharmaceuticals that are currently being given to our children, drugs like anti-depressants and asthma drugs like Albuterol. Though we know that there has never been evidence of cannabis causing any harm to children, we do know that many of the prescription drugs that our pediatricians are currently prescribing do in fact cause permanent harm. They state it right on the label and in their ads. They can do that because they believe their professional demeanor will be sufficient to bully us into submission.

      The truth will always win out but we the informed must proclaim the truth, or those who seek to pervert it will en-shackle us all in ignorance and deceit.

  11. Only to give you all the luck in the world from Spain, we have a blog about cannabis to try to normalize this sacred plant to help the pèople live without disseases.

    For all those interested in cannabis who use spanish language please check our Blog

    Kind regards.

    • Much love to our brothers and sisters in Spain.

      Dear Freedom Fighters, our efforts are not in vain. There is sweeping change throughout the world as a growing chorus of advocates are realizing that it’s OK to say that cannabis is NON-TOXIC. With that realization, comes the glaring hypocrisy of it all; of how our governments have wrongfully and corruptly demonized this most essential herb and how they have persecuted the valiant ones who refused to not be silent.

      Good luck to you. If I can ever be of service, please don’t hesitate to contact me… mark pedersen…

  12. How can i get rid of the annoying pop up ad that appears on every one
    of you web pages? I can’t see the writing of the web page that is ubder any one of those obnoxious annoying sales pitch ads. I’m uaing a mobile Droid Bionic.
    Out Of the thousands of web pages i’ve accessed, I’ve never had this problem.

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