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Rod’s house burned down in January 2007.

Rod suffers from Epilepsy

While his house was still burning, the fire department there in St. Charles, Missouri chose to break down the door into his grow room, even though that part of his house wasn’t involved in the fire. They also chose to pry open the locked drawers of a steel desk looking for cash rather than fight the fire that was consuming the rest of his house. Rod’s lacerations and burns had to wait while he was handcuffed in the street in front of his neighbors and children and hauled off to jail, while his home still burned.
Though Rod used cannabis from his personal garden for his personal use to treat his Epilepsy, he was charged with manufacture, distribution, and other felonies just like a street drug dealer. To add insult to injury, the St. Charles Fire Department distributed a video of their heroic efforts, rummaging through Rod’s home looking for cash and contraband, among other fire departments around St. Louis and St. Charles County.

His pharmaceutical use is reduced to a third with Cannabis

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