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    This video was originally taken on July 3rd, 2006 while staying at  Eddy Lepp’s home and ministry headquarters near Upper Lake, California.  It took place at the end of Journey for Justice 7’s cross-country trip. 

Activist Eddy Lepp of Upper Lake, California Part 1of2 

    At the time, Eddy was looking at 4 life sentences, 17 million dollars in fines, and an additional 40 years imprisonment for growing over 50,000 plants, the largest marijuana bust in the history of the DEA.
    Eddy grew Cannabis medicinally for his wife who has battle cancer for much of her life, and for many others suffering from chronic and terminal illness.

Activist Eddy Lepp of Upper Lake, California Part 2of2

    Eddy’s soft spoken words presented a challenge for this novice in lieu of the constant din of activity on the compound.

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